The Threat of Fire in Urban Areas

Most of us who live and work in Brooklyn or the other boroughs of New York City love our city life: being able to walk to restaurants down any street, direct access to theater, museums, and cultures, shopping right outside our doorsteps.  We know firsthand all the plusses of living and working in the city. However, in an urban lifestyle, there are unique challenges and threats that we face as well. Today, we will specifically talk about the fire risks related to working and living in such close quarters and see what protective measures we can take.

The Occurrences of Hotel and Motel Fires

When you stay at a hotel for the night – or several nights- while it’s not quite the same as being in your own bed, it’s still signals something out of the norm, a break from everyday life. As a hotel guest, we don’t usually think about what’s involved in making a comfortable stay – that’s the job of the hotel owner or manager. A concern that’s of significant importance to them is the safety of the guests, specifically, protection from fire. If a fire occurred in a hotel, especially during the night hours while guests are asleep, the results could be absolutely catastrophic. Today, we can be better protected from hotel fires by looking at some trends in their causes.

Fire Safety Tips for Winter

For many of us, we have pretty strong feelings regarding winter. It's usually not a middle ground, but more of a love-it-or-hate-it kind of thing. Whichever side you fall on, you still need to be aware of potential dangers in the winter season, particularly fire hazards. With heating units being cranked up after lying dormant all summer, fire safety is incredibly important. Today, we are going to look at ways that you can keep your home and business protected from fires that are higher risks during the winter months.

The Cases of Fires at Industrial and Manufacturing Locations

New York City is important to both the national and global economy in so many ways. What happens here has a ripple effect on the world market, so it's critical that we protect ourselves from fluctuations that we can foresee. One event that can cause a tremendous downward spiral is a fire, especially if it's a large-scale fire at an industrial or manufacturing location.

Today, we are going to look at the occurrences of fires at these kinds of locations, with the hopes of preventing them in the future.

Upholstered Furniture as a Cause of Fires

For many business owners, one task that really allows for creativity is the decorating and design of the business space. The feeling that a customer gets when he or she walks into a store, restaurant or a building shouldn't be underestimated. Many customers often build first impressions on those very feelings, and those feelings can be the basis of their choice to spend their money there. Several things contribute to a particular 'atmosphere', but for sure, the decor is definitely one of them. The flip side of that is that many times, when it comes to fires, decorations can be the first things to either contribute to the start of fires or to go up in flames themselves, upholstery in particular.