What exactly is flameproofing?

Flameproofing is a procedure where items such as drapes, curtains, and decorations are treated with flame repellents so they do not support combustion.

What’s the difference between flameproofing and fireproofing?

Flameproofing and fireproofing are synonymous and mean the same thing. However, ‘flameproofing’ is the word that is used by the FDNY.

What are the items that are required to be flameproofed?

The FDNY, along with the Building and Health Departments, requires that any item used for artistic enhancement including, but not limited to, decorations, curtains, scenery, hangings, and wood items, must either be properly flameproofed or non-combustible. This fire safety regulation applies to all public gathering structures such as theaters, hotels, catering halls, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, department stores and any other building where the public meets for assembly, instruction or entertainment.

Is there a specific flame retardant that is used in the flameproofing process?

Any business that performs flameproofing treatments must have a Certificate of Fitness issued by the FDNY. In order to have this certificate, only FDNY-approved sprays can be used.

Where does the flameproofing procedure take place?

Flameproofing is best and most easily accomplished on-site, limiting any additional time and expense that might be incurred by having to remove and reinstall materials. However, if a customer prefers off-site flameproofing treatments, that is available at no extra charge.

When does the flameproofing procedure take place?

We are able to flameproof at any time, but it is preferred to flameproof a facility when it is closed for business.

Am I required to have my building flameproofed?

Yes. Flameproofing is a legal requirement set forth by the FDNY, the Building Department, Health Department, and insurance carriers. In addition to that, flameproofing is a necessity in order to decrease the destruction caused by a fire in terms of loss of human life and property. All business owners are required to have a valid flameproofing affidavit in order to have their building open for business. Brooklyn Flameproofing issues this certificate once flameproofing treatments are completed, usually within 24 hours.

What is involved in the flameproofing procedure?

We apply the flame repellents to the curtains, drapes or other materials by soaking or coating.

What is the cost involved for flameproofing?

The cost of flameproofing is determined by the accessibility of the materials being treated, the amount and types of materials, and the fire retardant that is required.

Who is able to validate the flameproofing procedure?

Only a flameproofing company that has a valid Certificate of Fitness issued by the FDNY can legally complete the flameproofing process. The affidavit that the company issues to a business displays both its Flameproofing Certificate of Fitness number as well the approved flame repellent that was used. The affidavit you receive from Brooklyn Flameproofing will satisfy those standards.

How often do I need to have flameproofing procedures done at my facility?

As per FDNY regulations, an affidavit is only good for one year from the date of application; therefore, a business will need to have their location flameproofed annually. However, if any of the materials were dry cleaned or washed, the affidavit is void, and the procedure will need to be repeated.

If I have a violation, how soon can it be resolved?

Brooklyn Flameproofing can apply the flame repellent treatments and issue a flameproofing affidavit within 24 hours of initial contact. The new affidavit stands to resolve any flameproofing violations that were incurred.

What should I look for in a flameproofing company?

Primarily, for your flameproofing affidavit to be valid, it must be issued from a flameproofing company that holds a current Certificate of Fitness for Flameproofing from the FDNY. The company you use should also be fully insured with both Workers’ Compensation as well as liability insurance. Any upstanding flameproofing company should be willing to guarantee the work it does and be available to work around the customer’s schedule. Brooklyn Flameproofing meets all of these requirements.