A Picture of Fire Loss in America

As we are going about our lives and work on a daily basis, we have thousands of thoughts going through our minds. I’d guess that, for most, the risk of fire is probably not a dominant one. However, if a fire occurred, its impact would be utterly pervasive as well as destructive for both individuals and communities. Today, we’re going to discuss the actual statistics surrounding fire to get a real and accurate picture of the impact of fires in our country today.

Thanks to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), we have a plethora of data relating to the statistics regarding fires in the U.S., covering all kinds of trends. This particular report from 2017 highlights particular aspects of fire loss in America.

Throughout 2017, 1.3 million fires transpired, and firefighters from all over America responded. Someplace in our country, every 24 seconds, local fire departments' alarms went off to signal that there was a fire and firefighters left the station to respond. Every 63 seconds, a building structure caught fire, and a house was set ablaze every 88 seconds.

Home fires were the cause of most injuries and fatalities that resulted from fires. In total, 77% of total deaths were from home fires, and 72% of injuries sustained were a result of home fires. Those are grave numbers when you factor in the fact that a majority of fires are accidental. 

The report also indicated property damage. In total, $23 billion in property damage occurred as a result of fires. Whether a big fire or small, almost all fires ended in some type of property damage. Unfortunately, 22,500 fires were a result of arson, which is up13% from 2016. This only makes the loss of property more senseless and tragic.

Whether you're a homeowner or business owner, you should know the instances of fires and the losses that result. Both the loss of property and of life are serious considerations, recognizing that no one is fully safe from an accidental fire. 

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