The Cases of Fires at Industrial and Manufacturing Locations

New York City is important to both the national and global economy in so many ways. What happens here has a ripple effect on the world market, so it's critical that we protect ourselves from fluctuations that we can foresee. One event that can cause a tremendous downward spiral is a fire, especially if it's a large-scale fire at an industrial or manufacturing location.

Today, we are going to look at the occurrences of fires at these kinds of locations, with the hopes of preventing them in the future.

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has provided us with some significant data regarding fires in industrial and manufacturing locations that took place from 2011- 2015. During this period, there were 37,910 fires that would fit into this category. Each year, as a result, 16 people died, and 273 were injured. However, the staggering statistic in all this is the $1.2 billion in property damage.

When putting these fires into sub-categories, 26,000 were outside or unclassified, 3,410 were vehicle fires, and 7,700 were structural. While structural fires accounted for about 20% of the overall industrial and manufacturing fires, it had the worst outcomes: 49% of the deaths, 80% of the injuries, and 67% of the property loss and damage.

When discovering the malfunctions associated with the fires, 24% were due to electric and lighting issues while 15% were due to heating issues.

As we look at the outside or unclassified fires, this group had the majority of occurrences at 71%, with $265 million in property damage yearly. Vehicle fires were 9% of the total with $125 million in damage yearly.

While this picture doesn't give exact details of every incident, it's enough that we can conclude that these fires at industrial or manufacturing sites result in enormous financial and property losses  - which could take months or even years to recover.

It's so important that these properties are protected, and flameproofing is just one way you can do that. By having flammable, decorative materials treated with fire retardants, in the event of a fire, these objects are non-combustible and will not contribute to the spread and severity of the fire. This offers maximum protection and can significantly reduce the losses associated with property damage.

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