Data Regarding Workplace Fires

When it comes to fires, what we know from the available data is that most fires that occur are home fires. That shouldn't really be a shocking statistic. Next in line for the majority of fire occurrences is at the workplace. This really isn't too surprising either. These are the places where most people are throughout a 24-hour period - work or home - and when you have humans, you have human error. Most people don't think a fire will happen when they get up for work each day, yet for some, that will be a reality. Being aware of some of the information surrounding workplace fires can go a long way in preventing them.

The Way a Fire Starts

If you have ever been in the unfortunate situation where you've experienced being in a fire, you know exactly what a traumatizing experience that can be. You may have wondered, after the fact, "How in the world did that fire start anyway?"  While there are many types of objects that can be catalysts for a fire, a few specific pieces of the fire puzzle need to be in place if a blaze is really going to grow. While you may feel lucky just escaping with your life, knowing exactly how a fire works can help you prevent one in the future.

A Picture of Fire Loss in America

As we are going about our lives and work on a daily basis, we have thousands of thoughts going through our minds. I’d guess that, for most, the risk of fire is probably not a dominant one. However, if a fire occurred, its impact would be utterly pervasive as well as destructive for both individuals and communities. Today, we’re going to discuss the actual statistics surrounding fire to get a real and accurate picture of the impact of fires in our country today.

When It Takes a Village to Protect a Community from Fire

Can you remember back to your days in school when you were assigned a group project? Theoretically, the concept is for everyone to have a role and work on a project together. From experience, we all know that things probably didn't exactly work out that way. However, those failed projects still don't negate the reality of the importance of teamwork when trying to achieve a common goal. When it comes to fire safety in a community, similar to the group project, everyone must play his role: firefighters, business owners, residents, government officials, etc. Even the general public has a role to play when it comes to the village approach to fire safety.

Statistics on Restaurant Fires

When you think of the most delicious food and the best restaurants, for many people, New York City comes to mind. Both residents and tourists feel the magnetic pull of the restaurants served on our city streets - food from around the world, right at our doorstep. Establishments that serve food and drink not only provide a day or night out, but they also contribute in a major way to our local economy. It takes a lot of planning and maintenance to run a restaurant, which also includes providing for the safety of guests and employees. Throughout the course of a year, many fires occur at restaurants. Some data surrounding these circumstances can help both guests and workers in the food industry stay safe from fire.